01 March, 2019

Welcome to the Henri van Bentum Archive Project

 Henri van Bentum, "Cellular Sonnet", acrylic on canvas, 1964
0.75m x 0.85m, Collection Alice Hyatt, New York, NY

Launched on the Spring Equinox 2016, the goal of this project is to gather in one place photographs of paintings by Henri van Bentum.

van Bentum passed away on April 2, 2022. His work is represented in many public and private collections around the world.

If you own a painting by Henri van Bentum and have not yet sent us a photograph, we invite you to contact Natasha van Bentum by email: vanbentum"at"gmail.com.

Please note: this site is under construction. We are presently uploading photographs recently received, or from van Bentum's private collection.

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